Social Skills Class

Introduction to Social Skills Class

Welcome to Social Skills! We are excited to provide a program that enhances your child’s social and emotional development through play and interactions with peers.

The class is based on the Integrated Play Group (IPG) model. In an IPG, children working on social skills (novice players) participate in natural play experiences with typically developing peers (expert players) while supported by an adult (play guide). The expert players are carefully selected from our 3-5 year old program. A major goal is to enable equally enjoyed and shared play among children, while increasing each novice player’s social and symbolic play range. In addition, it is important to teach peers to be empathetic, responsive and accepting of the unique ways in which children with exceptional needs.

Ultimately the intent of IPG is for children to mediate their own play activities with minimal adult guidance (Wolfberg, P. J. (2009). Play and imagination in children with autism. New York: Teachers College Press).

Each session lasts for 8 weeks, 1 class per week.

Dates: February 3 through March 26.


New Families Only: 1-time screening fee of $75.
All Registered Families: 1-time payment of $780 per 8-week session.

Ages served: 3-5 year olds.

For inquiries regarding the program, please reach out to Zena Tarasena email: